Early Experiences in the United States Helped Shape an International Oncology Career for Aleix Prat, MD, PhD

Dr. Prat was born in Barcelona in 1979. No members of his family were in the medical profession, and during his early school years, Dr. Prat had designs on becoming an architect.

“During high school, I was an exchange student with a host family in South Carolina, which turned out to be an uncomfortable experience in that it was my first time away from home. However, I had a terrific biology teacher who explained the inner workings of the human body, which grabbed my attention and turned my ambitions toward medicine,” said Dr. Prat.

After completing high school in the United States, Dr. Prat returned to Barcelona and applied for medical school at the University of Barcelona. “I was thrilled to be accepted into medical school, which was a 6-year program. Honestly, at that point, I was still very much fixated on the biology of the human body. But by my fifth year, I caught the oncology bug, as it satisfied my interest in biology as well as my desire to pursue a field in which I could make a difference in people’s lives,” he added.

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