Breast Pathology Specialization


Master in Breast Pathology Senology issued as UB-specific degree.


Nov 2020 – Jun 30 2021


Some lessons may be in English


Gynaecologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and oncologists.


Del 15 Julio 2020 al 30 Oct 2020


Online the first year
On-site the second year


Director: Aleix Prat Aparicio
Co-directors: Miquel Prats de Puig and Edelmiro Iglesias Martínez


First year: 2,850€; Second year: 3,150€ (Increase of 10% to the amount, up to a maximum of 70€, in terms of administrative fees).


30 ETCS first year,

35 ETCS second year.



Master in Senology is a UB-specific degree from the Medicine Faculty and consists of two courses: one theoretical and one practical.

Specialization in Breast Pathology is intended to give a global training in breast pathology, from a knowledge about the normal breast physiology and its benign illness to the diagnosis and treatment of localized and advanced breast cancer.

Even accepting that it is possible to know totally or partially the program and that some lessons may be of greater or lesser interest depending on the specialty, attendance and participation in all the master’s activities will be required, and passing evaluations, without contemplating the validation of other studies, knowledge accreditation, welfare efforts, etc.

The master is composed of two academic courses, which form a total of 65 academic credits ECTS (1ECTS = 25 class hours).
– 1st year: 30 credits ECTS.
– 2nd year: 35 credits ECTS.

1st year
MODULE I: Normal breast and benign pathology
MODULE II: Early breast cancer
MODULE III: Metastatic breast cancer
2nd year
MODULE IV: Case studies
MODULE V: External rotations
MODULE VI: Master final project

José Manuel Pérez García

Head of Service and Director of the Clinical Trials Unity of IOB Instituto de Oncología / Medical Expert in MedSir

Specialist in medical oncology and PhD in Medicine. Main researcher and co-researcher in multiple clinical trials about breast cancer. Member of Sociedad Española de Oncología Médica and Grupos Cooperativos SOLTI and GEICAM.

Montserrat Muñoz Mateu

Senior medical consultant in Medical Oncology in Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

PhD in Medicine and associate professor. Breast Cancer Unit Coordinator and Supervisor since 2004. Member of Grupo Clínico de Oncología y Hematología, Área Integral de Salud Barcelona Esquerra. Participation in the Oncoguías de Cáncer de Mama de Catalunya group.

Olga Martínez Saéz

Associate physician at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Has a master degree in Medical Oncology by Universitat de Girona and a master degree in Oncology by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Dedicated to the field of breast cancer, both in an assistive manner and participating in clinical trials and translational research, working as a member of Dr. Aleix Prat’s group at IDIBAPS.

Sergi Ganas Macías

Specialist in breast radiology at Hospital Clínic

He has more than 16 years of experience in breast and gynecologic imaging and several lines of research: monitoring of neoadjuvant treatment is the main one. Associate teacher in Medicine at Universitad de Barcelona.

Xavier González

Coordinator of the breast cancer group of the Instituto Oncológico Dr. Rossell/Hospital General de Catalunya

Specialist in medical oncology. Main researcher in many clinical trials of breast cancer and other tumors. Member of the Sociedad Española Oncología Médica, Grupo Español de Investigación en Cáncer de Mama and Grupo SOLTI.

Aleix Prat Aparicio

Master in Breast Pathology and Breast Cancer co-director.

Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Barcelona PhD from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Master in Molecular Oncology at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO). PostDoctoral fellowship at the University of North Carolina, USA.

Dr. Miguel Prats de Puig

Master in Breast Pathology and Breast Cancer co-director.

Renowned gynecologist specialist with extensive experience in senology- breast pathology. He has completed training stays in highly prestigious breast pathology units, both nationally and internationally. He has extensive surgical training in benign and malignant processes of the breast, including techniques as selective biopsy of the sentinel lymph node and intraoperative breast ultrasound. He is a pioneer and a reference in Spain in breast surgery with intraoperative radiation therapy. In addition to clinical practice, he also teaches at different universities and is the author of various chapters in books on breast pathology. Furthermore, he is a member of the main medical societies of his specialty at an international level.

Edelmiro Iglesias Martínez

Master in Breast Pathology and Breast Cancer co-director.

Specialist in General Surgery and expert in breast pathology. In addition to teaching, he is Co-director of the Master's Degree in Breast Pathology and Breast Cancer at the Universidad de Barcelona and Director of the University Specialist Course in Senology for Nurses at the Universidad de Lleida. He is the author of more than 100 articles and communications in scientific journals and conferences. He is also a member of various medical societies, including the coordinator of the Accreditation Committee of the Unidad de Mama de la Sociedad Española de Senología y Patología Mamaria (SESPM) and Vice President of this same society.